Tales from Teels 6.16.22 Burndown

  • I was asked to share some thoughts in regard to burndown successes we have been having.
  • Over the past couple of years my concern as always been absorption.
  • I felt we were missing the boat, so I have tried many different things.
  • I started using different adjuvants and combinations of them all.
  • I was intrigued by a statement saying they utilized organic acids.
  • I then started my research. In this research I felt if I had a product that had fulvic acid along with organic acids I may be able to influence absorption.
  • I knew I wanted a product that had fulvic acid due to its size and ability to pass through membranes.
  • At first I felt I was getting mixed results especially when tank mixed with glyphosate.
  • I then hypothesized that this was the result of an antagonism between the glyphosate molecule and the added organic acid.
  • At this time I added additional AMS to see if this would help.
  • I was pleasantly surprised.
  • I then played a little with the rates and came up with a combination that has been working quite well.

Powerhouse 1.5 qt/100 gal

AMS 1#/ac

Spectra OC 1 pt/ac.

Please see the attached video which illustrates what I am talking about.


Tales from Teels 6.6.22

Looking at the alfalfa in the area we are now laying down the first cutting. As we all know the value of alfalfa as with all commodities are higher than normal. When considering alfalfa the goal is to get the crop swathed, baled and moved then plan for additional cuttings.  Regrowth is the key and in many cases the challenge.  This process is regulated by hormones ( auxin) in the auxiliary and crown buds.  There has been research with much success in the PNW which implements the use of Phytohormones and some foliar nutritional’s.  The original purpose was to enhance RFV, which was accomplished. The other benefit they observed was faster regrowth after cuttings and in many cases an additional cutting as a result of this.  There have been many different combinations that center around the addition of these products. With this in mind I would like to suggest some options.

  1. Incite 4 oz/ac + Chrome Plus 1 Gal/ac + Spectra OC 1 QT/ac
  2. Incite 4 oz/ac + Hype 2 qt/ac + Spectra OC 1 qt/ac
  3. Incite 4 oz/ac + Spectra OC 1QT/ac.

The advantages of applying these products are as follows.

  1. Tonnage many reports suggest an additional .75-1 ton/ac
  2. Quality Higher RFV with proper management
  3. Plant health
  4. Water efficiency a healthy plant utilizes water better.
  5. Consistency  of product which can be a problem many times after the first cutting.

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