Tales from Teels 6.16.22 Burndown

  • I was asked to share some thoughts in regard to burndown successes we have been having.
  • Over the past couple of years my concern as always been absorption.
  • I felt we were missing the boat, so I have tried many different things.
  • I started using different adjuvants and combinations of them all.
  • I was intrigued by a statement saying they utilized organic acids.
  • I then started my research. In this research I felt if I had a product that had fulvic acid along with organic acids I may be able to influence absorption.
  • I knew I wanted a product that had fulvic acid due to its size and ability to pass through membranes.
  • At first I felt I was getting mixed results especially when tank mixed with glyphosate.
  • I then hypothesized that this was the result of an antagonism between the glyphosate molecule and the added organic acid.
  • At this time I added additional AMS to see if this would help.
  • I was pleasantly surprised.
  • I then played a little with the rates and came up with a combination that has been working quite well.

Powerhouse 1.5 qt/100 gal

AMS 1#/ac

Spectra OC 1 pt/ac.

Please see the attached video which illustrates what I am talking about.


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