About Us

Pathway Ag, a member of the Novus Ag Network, is a new retail platform designed to fit YOUR needs, not ours.

Leaving a successful “big company” ag retailer, we formed Pathway Ag, a member of the Novus Ag Network with a singular vision – providing sophisticated input management, farm solutions and services without the pretense.  From your first contact with Pathway Ag, you will see the difference in our approach. We achieve great results with small, efficient, innovative teams.  Our operations are designed to increase efficiency and reduce overhead – just like the operations of most of our customers.

We stress communications, so that you maintain control over the scope and costs of our work.  Furthermore, we stress the importance of local community support and can almost guarantee that no other retailer has made the commitment we have to honor this core value of ours.

Our ultimate goal is to create an experience that serves your needs, not ours.  We certainly hope we can have the chance to sit down and visit with you about your operation and prove to you we can provide you a level of service and professional workmanship that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

Welcome to Pathway Ag, a member of the Novus Ag Network!

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